Kyoto temple

Jikkoin Temple in Kyoto,  Japan is a popular place for people to see the autumn colours and take pictures of the trees, but is less visited by tourists because it is a bit off the beaten track. It has a very black reflective floor in one room which has become a feature as it reflects the leaves like water, but like many temples photography is not allowed inside. Unfortunately I arrived towards the tail end of the season but caught a glimpse of what I had missed.

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Col. John Blashford-Snell

These are some photographs I took of the explorer Col. John Blashford-Snell who is famous for making the first descent of the Blue Nile with a team of 60 people in 1968, and crossing the Darien Gap completed in 1972. Together with his colleagues he founded the Scientific Exploration Society, the Fairbridge Drake Society and also the infamous Operation Raleigh which has given so many young people a taste of exploration and purpose. A true pioneer of ideas and support for disadvantaged young people, of which you can read more about his projects on his web site .
The photography was commission to advertise Mijex mosquito repellent.

Col John Blashford-Snell

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Avatar image

Here is something I did when the Avatar film first came out, photo taken with ambient light. The background was some flowers in the room, colour adjusted to suit the set.

detail crop of picture

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Moroccan cacti

Here are some images I captured in Yves St Laurent’s memorial garden in Marrakech. If you would like these images as fine art prints, please email me

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Here are a few scenes from Cornwall

If you need somewhere smart to stay, try the St Moritz hotel which is close to the surfing beach of Polzeath and sailing area in the Camel estuary. 


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Kyoto monkeys

In Arishiyama, north west Kyoto, there is a park where the wild macaque monkeys come for monkey nuts. It is worth visiting as they are pretty oblivious to people which makes it an interesting place to study their behaviour. Further up the hill there is a quieter area where they groom each other so disturb them at your own peril, and they advise people not to stare at them as they consider it aggressive.

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a day on the tube in Kyoto

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